Adding more heat

There is a common knowledge that heat will accelerate the hardening process of epoxy. Until now I have only been using heat from above. This has resulted in better builds. Anyhow, I haven’t been satisfied with the time not being THAT short. So I decided to add heat from underneath. This is a tricky bit since I’m using vacuum bagging. If using pneumatic presse one doesn’t have to take in considering sealing any air leakage…so to speak.

One simple way is to use silicone heat mat.


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A lot of things has happened since last blog

Rearranging the workshop, buying and testing new materials. This is just a post of restarting the blogging after summer. 🙂

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“Where the skis have no name…”

The new model has popped out of in the daylight! But no name for the moment…
I had to cut them out today after 12hours in the hotbox. I don’t know if they are ready to ski, but definitely to be cut out!




I will have a picture of the rocker profile later.

The specs:

Length: 190cm

Tip: 144mm

Waist: 118mm

Tail: 132mm

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New epoxy…is the question

Yesterday I built a pair of a new model(no name decided yet).
I did it with a new, for me, epoxy Entropy SUPER SAP. The main reason was to decrease the cure time/pressing time. Compared to my regular this was really thick. No big issue, but more difficult to wet the fiberglass. And with my current setup for pressing the curing time wasn’t that much shorter either. On the upside I will hope that this epoxy is stronger/rigid/stiffer than my regular stuff I use. The regular epoxy I use is ok, but something say me that there are stiffer stuff on the market. The research is on!

Pictures and comments on the build will come in a separate post.


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Time to do some postings! I was better at this before but I will start doing it now.

I have come across some veneers that I will try on some skis.  I haven’t taken any pictures yet but I will tomorrow.

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The 48hour skis

Let’s hope a new “era” has begun… I have got the hot box to reach 60°C and keep it over time. The idea is to do a regular build/layup and the postcure for 24h in the hotbox. Cut out and varnish directly after. Good or bad…the future will tell! 🙂 build, the new “Wolverine 80″ slightly changed the original”Wolverine”. Front rocker and rounded tail. Later it will be a “Wolverine 95”. This will introduce the 95mm waist to the Wolverine family. 🙂

First, a regular build/layup session. 5h in the press with around 80-90°C heat. Cool of for about 15min and then placed in the hot box at 60°C for 24h. According to the epoxi manufacturer this should provide a full cured construction. Let’s hope for it…

5:37 in the morning, 31 hours after start











…and now the 48 hours are passed. Three layers of varnish. And ready for the slopes!

But…they are not tuned yet…


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The last workshop finished!

Today we finished the last workshop. The finished product is aimed for telemark, let’s call it SE(Special Edition). The things that differs from the original OAC-8, are a front Rocker and a pin tail. In all other aspects it’s same, such as measurements. From tip to tail: 130 – 80 – 114, r = 18m

They will now go on a trip to Norway for spring skiing! Hopefully in nice and good conditions!

P1110337 P1110344

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