The 48hour skis

Let’s hope a new “era” has begun… I have got the hot box to reach 60°C and keep it over time. The idea is to do a regular build/layup and the postcure for 24h in the hotbox. Cut out and varnish directly after. Good or bad…the future will tell! 🙂 build, the new “Wolverine 80″ slightly changed the original”Wolverine”. Front rocker and rounded tail. Later it will be a “Wolverine 95”. This will introduce the 95mm waist to the Wolverine family. 🙂

First, a regular build/layup session. 5h in the press with around 80-90°C heat. Cool of for about 15min and then placed in the hot box at 60°C for 24h. According to the epoxi manufacturer this should provide a full cured construction. Let’s hope for it…

5:37 in the morning, 31 hours after start











…and now the 48 hours are passed. Three layers of varnish. And ready for the slopes!

But…they are not tuned yet…


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4 Responses to The 48hour skis

  1. Håkan Molin says:

    Looks great, made the hotbox your self?

  2. Matt Michaud says:

    Is the sidewalling jig to keep camber and rocker flat?

    • jappe60 says:

      Yes. It’s the simple answer. 🙂 But I will change the material, both on table and jig, to aluminium(I think..) to get a more rigid and accurate surface between the two.

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