Hotbox in action

The new post cure hotbox in action! The heater are too weak for the moment. Top this far, 45°C. I need to hack the thermostat so it can reach 60°C. That would be good!


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4 Responses to Hotbox in action

  1. Matt Michaud says:

    More insulation could boost the max temp

    • jappe60 says:

      I will, this is just the POC. The hatch will be insulated and the inner walls of the box will be covered with steel sheets….later

  2. edhegreness says:

    I did a really ghetto version of this – since I have silicone heat blankets in press I just took them out and then grabbed large gutters (8in by 10in by 10ft) from scrap yard placed skis inside with heat blankets on either side… Not as nice as yours but its an idea if you dont have time to seal up the hot box.

    • jappe60 says:

      Hi, I didn’t see your comment until now! I don’t use the hotbox that much these days simce I have a new epoxi that don’t require postcuring.
      It’s still good for warming up cut out bases which have a tendency to shrink when in cold environment. Also good for warming the epoxi before lay-up. So I keep it for a while… 😀

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