New, new era 2019.

Life is life as said. My life has met a turning point, or a road divider(?).
My time at the swedish westcoast is over and I’m moving up the country. Back to my old hometown, Gävle. Taking over my dads house. Since I got my early retirement last year, there is nothing that holds me here. My children has moved out. The house is somehow on a dead end road(figuratively speaking). In other words, I need something new in my life.

This means that the skifactory is going with me. 🙂
Renting a space of a friend! Might even be better than now! Plus! Pics are coming…

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New era 2019

I’m almost thru with an upgrade of the workshop!

First a new storage cabin. I will store wood, plastics etc.

Insulated and waitng for a door…

In the workshop(garage) I will only have tools and machinery.

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Workshop time!

This weekend, time for a new workshop. Two guys from up the country(Sweden) are visiting and building skis!

I will post more on this subject when it get started.

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Working saturday evening…

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Working on a new web page…

…soon…it will be ready.
I thought I knew how web pages was done! Tji fick jag! Anyway there was a learning curve, but I think I’m over it…for the mment. It’s easy, but things can get anoying when you try to do something easy and it’s not working the way you want. Sort of…
Keep an eye at

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New era…again…?

I think, atleast I dream, of gearing up! New (cleaned up) workshop. New templates, New cores, New grinder!

I now have a new website. Same address, but new content. So today I will start the building season.

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Adding more heat

There is a common knowledge that heat will accelerate the hardening process of epoxy. Until now I have only been using heat from above. This has resulted in better builds. Anyhow, I haven’t been satisfied with the time not being THAT short. So I decided to add heat from underneath. This is a tricky bit since I’m using vacuum bagging. If using pneumatic presse one doesn’t have to take in considering sealing any air leakage…so to speak.

One simple way is to use silicone heat mat.


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